Digital Transformation for Corporates

A Digital Transformation Course for Corporates typically seek to address the required mindset changes and practical implementation of digital transformation within a specific organisation.

The course is typically conducted live with the participants either on-line or in-house, although since the pandemic, online is much more the favoured choice.

The courses is often customized to match the business strategy.  The focus is on getting groups to work together on their own business challenges.  The outcomes it that the teams have momentum and can continue the transformation.

Those attending are typically Leaders, Managers and Decision makers.  It is often the case that the top leadership don’t wish to sit through several days of education and therefore it’s common to have a ‘C-Suite overview’ module that takes a couple of hours and is held privately with the senior leadership team.


Digital Transformation Courses for Corporates Should:

➔ Be customized for the industry and parallel their strategy

➔ Build team competence and momentum

➔ Work on practical implementation as well as theory

➔ Be delivered by experienced practitioners

➔ Offer a link with follow-up consultation


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