Digital Transformation for Small & Medium Businesses


Post Covid, many national and regional government Enterprise Development Organisations are implementing radical programs to help small and medium businesses to digitally transform.

Most businesses of this size have got stuck. They were promised that the introduction of technology would make them more efficient. That technology alone would make them more competitive. They invested and have failed to capture additional marketshare or see a return on capital beyond their investment. Quite often the technology has led to more complexity and cost within the business, not less.

The response of the Industrial Development Agency is to help their client companies transform their products, services and business models.  They want their client companies to use data to find new export markets. To find that white space of opportunity and to be able to move swiftly into it. No time for long winded documents – it’s hit and move. Fast, agile, efficient and practical.

Digital Transformation Courses for SME Development Should:

➔ Be able to work on a large scale (500+ businesses on a single program)

➔ Provide rapid diagnostics

➔ Offer platforms to manage business progress

➔ Demonstrate success and business case studies of the winners


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