Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Business Models and Strategy

The focus of the programme is on the central role of digital business models and strategy in enhancing business performance The programme offers tools and concepts that management need to analyze and synthesize traditional business with digital business models as well as make informed decisions relating to greenfield digital ventures. Digital – properties that facilitate business growth strategy and competitive advantage, role in business of incremental and disruptive technologies, value

configurations, benefits and limitations. Digital and traditional business -similarities and differences in managing them.

Focus of the Program

Business models – How companies leverage digitalization and AI through the different business models of the new economy, evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of dynamic business models and critique of the business models of a variety of actual businesses.  How to re imagine, reconfigure and rejuvenate traditional business model through digitalization for a sustainable business growth strategy.

The macro-environment – Investigation of competitive and macro environment as determinants of profitability and as influencers of digital business models, as well as how Digital business has affected the macro environment in which they operate


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